Baby Shower Specialty Cake

Specialty cake for Florida baby shower

Baby shower cake

The busy weekend continues!

Our first cake for the day features an edible “rubber” duck swimming in the fondant ocean. The specialty cake, for a great mom-to-be in Gainesville, Florida (well actually just north of Gainesville), contains layers of white vanilla cake sandwiched by layers of our popular soft chocolate buttercream.

Dream Day Cakes’ hand-made fondant covers the entire cake as well as the edible rubber duck.

We love making baby shower cakes and well, we just love baking and decorating specialty cakes for any occasion. As we always say, every celebration deserves cake.

ThanksĀ  for reading!

edible rubber duck for a fondant specialty cake in Gainesville

Fondant Covered Duck

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2 Responses to Baby Shower Specialty Cake

  1. Laurie Smith says:

    I live in Winter Haven, and I am looking for a place to host a baby shower in Gainesville in February for my daughter in law. Any suggestions? Med. priced, approx. 25-30 people. Your cakes look beautiful!

    • Hi Laurie,

      We would love to talk with you about designing this cake to be the exact cake that you want for your daughter-in-law. Please give us a call at (352) 336-8955 so we can design the perfect cake to meet your budget. =) =)