Empire State Building, Century Tower Cake

They fell in-love at the University of Florida in Gainesville. They moved to New York and fell in love with the city. How do you celebrate the marriage of these love birds? Well, with an Empire State Building / Century Tower cake of course!

Century Tower Cake and Empire State Building Cake

Two Towers. One Love.

For those not familiar with Gainesville, Florida… few landmarks have more importance than Century Tower. The tower, located right in the heart of the University of Florida, the tower came to life in 1953 to celebrate UF’s 100th anniversary. A carillon tower (one of only 100 in North America), the bells inside play music every 15 minutes. Of course, Century Tower also features some “interesting” legends… but we’ll leave those alone for now.

Queen Kong or King Kong Bride Topper

Queen Kong

King Albert or Albert Cake Topper

Albert dressed to the 9's

The concept of this groom’s cake was simple: Queen Kong Bride on the Empire State Building meets Groom Albert perched atop Century Tower. Although we couldn’t make this cake to scale (Century Tower would be super small, or the Empire State Building would be ridiculously tall), we did need to emphasize that the tower (although grand), does have a significant smaller footprint than the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building Cake

Empire State Building

Queen Kong on Empire State Building Cake

Queen Kong Bride

Groom Albert on Century Tower Cake

Groom Albert on the Tower

Empire State Building Cake with Century Tower Cake

Cakes at the UF Hilton

The Empire State Building situated itself right on the street where Century Tower reflected it’s Gainesville, Florida location through Palm trees and greenery. The cake, delivered to the UF Hilton, helped celebrate the marriage of a great couple.

Yeni with Groom's Cake

Yeni during delivery

Thank you for reading! We love sharing our creations with our readers and look forward to sharing our next cake!

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