Fairy Birthday Cake

Ah, to be young with dreams of fairies, butterflies, and magical wonder. Of course, when you have your own bakery, you can continue to relive this dream every day. =)

Fairy cake. Gluten-free. Gainesville bakery.

Gluten-free fairy birthday cake

This birthday cake featured a fairy, seated on top of her gluten-free cake flower. Adorned with butterflies, leaves, and other nature accents, the fairy kept her smile, knowing that the birthday girl could enjoy both her birthday and her birthday cake.

The fairy is also gluten-free

Gluten-free fondant fairy

Fairy with butterfly wings

Butterfly wings

Fairy birthday cake

Fairy birthday cake

Made fresh in our Gainesville, FL bakery

Made fresh in Gainesville

Nature details

Details of flowers and butterflies.

The custom cake was made fresh (to order) in our Gainesville bakery. Our fondant and buttercream fillings are already gluten-free, so the only main modification was the actually cake.

From birthdays to weddings, come visit us in Gainesville, Florida to see how we can help make your event special.

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4 Responses to Fairy Birthday Cake

  1. Shena Hays says:

    We are always amazed by your cakes at weddings…so we had to ask you to make Avery’s for her birthday. She was so…so…so happy that she could eat it too. She can never have birthday cake at other parties because of her gluten allergy…so she was very proud to be able to eat this one with her friends. And I have to say that the delicious cake was the hit of the party. The girls gathered around it and oohd and ahhd and decided who wanted to eat what flower or petal. So thank you for making her fairy cake so special. You helped make her party a great success and a little 8-year-old…VERY happy.

  2. Kelly says:

    Do you ship cakes? I live in KY and my sister has a gluten allergy.