Florida Spiny Lobster Cake

In Florida, we love the outdoors and we’re known throughout the world for our commercial and sport fishing. Because of this, we get a good amount of fish-themed cakes requested here at the bakery. Recently, we were asked to re-create a Florida Spiny Lobster as a groom’s cake for a wedding here in Gainesville, Florida.

Spiny Lobster Cake, Gainesville Florida

Spiny Lobster Groom's Cake

The spiny lobster loves Florida. Making it’s home in the western Atlantic, the spiny lobster lures fishermen from all over the world to our sunshine state. From South Florida to the keys, this spiny creature loves to liven up a good cookout and just tastes fantastic.

Of course, besides being fun to catch, it’s also fun to recreate in cake. =)

spiny lobster cake

From out Gainesville Bakery

This cake complimented an fun, coconut wedding cake (also in Gainesville) and was a joy to create. We love baking and decorating these unique (and fun) fondant specialty cakes. With our cake bakery in NW Gainesville, we truly get to create some very sweet lobsters. =)

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