Pixar Themed Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love Luxo, Jr.? You know, the baby lamp who finds a ball to play with? It’s one of the first Pixar films and you may recognize the lamp from their logo. When a local Gainesville woman wanted to surprise her husband with a 30th birthday cake, she had the perfect idea of incorporating his love of computer animation with cake.

Pixar Luxo Jr ball themed birthday cake

Luxo Jr Themed Cake

This cake celebrates Stephen’s 30th by showcasing the young lamp bouncing on a ball. A 3 magically turns this into a large 30 with the cord flowing to the fondant wood floor.

fondant covered base

Fondant Wood

30th Birthday fondant specialty cake

The ball helps make 30

We love celebrating birthdays— we love celebrating everything. When we get the opportunity to work with a creative Gainesville couple, the bakery just turns into a smile factory. This simply was a very fun cake to bake.

Luxo Jr Pixar Ball themed Birthday cake

Celebrate with Cake

We want to help celebrate your next event. Remember, we’re not just about looking good… by using only fresh, quality ingredients you can really taste the difference. For more information on how your local Gainesville cake bakery can make your next event extraordinary, contact Dream Day Cakes® today!

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  1. Tamara says:

    Yeni, You are amazing!

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