Wedding Cake, Orange Park Florida

We recently travelled to Club Continental in Orange Park, Florida to deliver a custom baked wedding cake for a Gainesville Bride.

Blue and White Wedding Cake

Blue and White Wedding Cake

Orange Park, Florida sits on the Saint John’s River and offers beautiful views of the river and lakes near the Jacksonville coast. A short drive from Gainesville, our bakery can easily create and deliver any custom cake to the area– including wedding cakes.

blue white wedding cake

Orange Park Wedding Cake

The original cake contained a sugar flower topper matching the theme of the cake. When we arrived with the wedding cake, we were handed a new topper and it was time to get busy. =)

Yeni working on site

Yeni working on-site

Checking how it looks

Checking the new topper

Final touches

Final touches

the final topper in place


With the new topper in place, it was time to say goodbye to the lovely views of Club Continental and return to our Gainesville, Florida bakery.

Wedding Cake Monogram Topper

Wedding Cake Monogram Topper

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2 Responses to Wedding Cake, Orange Park Florida

  1. Talicia says:

    I love this cake design, I was wondering what it would look like if, where the blue color is, the color was a burnt orange or vibrant orange color is there any way to see it by Photoshop with those colors?

    • Hi Talicia,

      Our photoshop skills allow us to put a watermark on the photos you see. =) For color changes and such, that level of graphic artistry does exceed our capabilities. Of course, our cake artistry skills allows us to make the cakes in any color you like. =) Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss.