100th Birthday Cake

Recently, Dream Day Cakes® was asked to create a fun cake for a milestone birthday — a 100th birthday cake. Perhaps it was remembering Fred’s grandmother, or just the excitement of a nice vintage style cake; either way… we loved being able to work on this special birthday event.

Vintage 100th Birthday Cake

100th Birthday Cake

For this cake, we combined a vintage theme with the birthday girl’s favorite colors. The fondant covered cake had gold accents, sugar flowers, and a true vintage feel.

The 100 sugar topper was (of course) edible.

sugar flowers cascading on fondant cake

detail of sugar flowers

It was a truly amazing experience to be working on a 1st birthday cake and a 100th in the same week. We’re honored whenever our Gainesville bakery is asked to help celebrate life’s events. This 100th birthday cake was no exception. =)

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4 Responses to 100th Birthday Cake

  1. Trish Allen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Heather says:

    So beautiful!

  3. The momma says:

    With both tears and smiles! This is a most beautiful masterpiece

  4. Trish Everitt says:

    Stunning as usual!