B5 Boyz Grooms Cake

What’s better than a Cookie Cake Wedding Cake? Well nothing of course, but having your best buds and you immortalized in a sugary sweet Dream Day CakesĀ® Groom’s Cake has to be a close second. With this introduction we introduce you to the B5 Boyz of Gainesville, Florida:

Grooms Cake

B5 Boyz

Camp Crystal Lake (no relation to that movie which shall not be named) is a special place for our groom and his close friends (and groom’s men). These B5 Boyz (named after their cabin) came to the camp dressed in the tuxes (and shorts) ready to enjoy everything that Camp Crystal Lake can offer.

Edible Rock Climbing Wall

Edible Rock Climbing Wall

Camp Crystal Lake Cake

Cabin B5

Archery Cake


Detail: B5 Boyz

Detail: B5 Boyz

When we can personalize a cake to a story, a time, or even just something special, it really makes for a fantastic cake. This B5 Boyz of Camp Crystal Lake Groom’s Cake is truly a unique cake for a great couple starting their lives together. Whatever the event, every celebration deserves Dream Day CakesĀ®.

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