Black, White Wedding Cake

Black and White brings out the essence of form and function. Without any distraction of color, the use of black and white focuses your attention to the lines, the form, and the structure. This color combination makes working with hand piped lace even more effective. Take for example this black and white wedding cake:

Black and white wedding cake

Black, White, and Piped

With only one spot of color (the single red sugar flower), this cake is all about the piping.

Black piping on white cake

Black piped details

Using different thickness of lines and techniques we worked to get the brides vision transcribed to the cake.

Yeni Monroy at the bakery

Yeni piping the cake

It takes patience, a steady hand, and awesome earrings.

4 tiered cake

4 tiers

The top of the cake contained the only bit of color– the red sugar flower.

red sugar flower

Red Sugar Flower Topper

We loved working with this bride and creating this hand piped black and white wedding cake for her Gainesville reception. With a single spot of color, the lace sugar art made a delicious and attractive display. =)

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