Garden Cake

Celebrating birthdays means celebrating the ones you love. Take for example this fun garden cake celebrating a Gainesville birthday. Combine an adorable boy, a love of gardening, a birthday cake… and wall — Eann’s Garden Cake. =)

garden birthday cake

Eann's Garden Cake

Everything in the garden, much like a real garden, is edible.

garden vegetables cake

Sweet Onions

This vegetable garden featured carrots, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, and of course a pumpkin or two. Ok, botanically a tomato is a fruit… but the Supreme Court says it’s a vegetable — so who are we to argue?

Garden cake with white picket fence

Picket fence, garden cake

The cake also featured a fence, green grass, and rich (yet delicious) soil.

Edible Vegetable Garden Cake

Vegetable Garden Cake

The sign clearly let’s you know — this is Eann’s Garden. After all, it’s Eann’s birthday. This garden cake combines Eann’s favorite vegetables into a fantastically fun birthday cake. Our bakery (here in Gainesville, Florida) loves celebrating… and we firmly believe that every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®.


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One Response to Garden Cake

  1. The momma says:

    Jean wants to know – where are the brussel sprouts?

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