New York State of Mind

Big lights, big city… big birthday. There’s two ways to handle a birthday with a zero at the end of it… (A) ignore it and hope it will go away, or (B) make it one to remember. A fantastic customer chose plan B, and celebrated with a beautiful, New York City Birthday Cake.

New York City Birthday Cake

NYC Birthday Cake

For Julie’s birthday, her husband had us create this 2 tiered tribute to the Big Apple.

Big Apple Cake

Big Apple, Signs, Buildings

There were some icons, such as the Empire State Building, Lady Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge…

Lady Liberty, edible

Lady Liberty, edible

New York City Buildings

NYC Buildings

NYC Birthday Cake

NYC Birthday Cake

We love helping to celebrate birthdays — especially those that end in a zero or five. 😉

For this New York City Birthday cake, we brought a little of the Big Apple to Gainesville, Florida. Thanks for reading!

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