Princess Birthday Cake

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? For this princess birthday cake, our Gainesville bakery created a beautiful flowing dress, tiara, and elegance… guaranteed to make any birthday girl feel exactly like she should— a princess.

Princess Birthday Cake. Gainesville Cake Bakery.

Princess Cake

Tiara on Princess Cake

Tiara on Princess Cake

Rear view of Princess Cake

View from the back

Ruffled Dress of the Princess Birthday Cake

Princess Dress, with Edible Ruffles

Rosettes, edible of course, on the Princess cake

Princess Cake with Edible Rosettes

Accented Waist Line

Accented Waist Line

Close up of the princess tiara

Detail: Edible Princess Tiara

Detail: Princess Tiara and Rosette

Detail: Princess Tiara and Rosette

For fun, we even made a video:

( Don’t forget last year’s model =) )

We loved baking and decorating this fun, princess birthday cake. Our bakery (located in Gainesville, Florida) custom creates cakes for any occasion. Find out why we say every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®.

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