Reptile Themed Birthday Cake

Take one inflatable pool. Add a crazy amount of reptiles. What do you get? We gave it away in the title… it’s the reptile themed birthday cake!

Lizard Themed Birthday Cake

Reptile. Ahem. Amphibian Cake

If you know cake artist Yeni Monroy, you know her two most favorite things in this world are Reptiles and Frogs (reread that with a heavy sense of sarcasm). Let’s just say, Yeni was a little yumpy jumpy in the bakery.

Snakes on a cake

Snakes on a cake

Lizard Birthday Cake

Everybody run!

Turtle on a cake

Of course there’s a turtle.

All together now

All together now

All kidding aside, whatever the theme, we love helping to celebrate.

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