Robot Birthday Cake

Our bakery recently creates a Robot birthday cake that was featured on Half Baked, The Cake Blog. =)

The concept of the cake was simple: 2 tiers, topsy-turvy, classic meets machinery. =)

Topsy Turvy Robot Birthday Cake

Robot Birthday Cake

┬áThe birthday “boy” loves junk-style robots (as does Fred) and Yeni created a wood meets metal/spare parts cake:

Happy Birthday Alberto

Happy Birthday Alberto

Robot Birthday Cake Topsy Turvy Style

Topsy Turvy Robot Birthday Cake

Robot holding birthday cupcake

Robot with Cupcake

All of the gears, robot parts, and “paneling” were all hand carved and completely edible.

Robot topper, birthday cake

Detail: Robot Topper

Top Tier Robot Cake

Top Tier Robot Cake

Cake with hand made gears

Hand made gears

flip side of robot cake

back of the cake

Detail of gears/parts

Detail: gears and parts

More gears

More gears

and more and more

and even more gears

Modern Vintage Look

Oxymoron: modern vintage

We loved making this cake for one of our favorite clients. The Robot Birthday Cake will truly make the top 10 of 2012. Guaranteed.

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One Response to Robot Birthday Cake

  1. Miriam Vilardell says:

    Hi!! I’m absolutely in love with the robot cake!!!!! I want to know how do you do the methalic colors of the fondant ,robot and extra pieces. Airbrush, spray, vodka-dust????
    Thank you very much