Sirens Cake. Hippodrome Theatre.

The Hippodrome rings in the New Year with the comedy SIRENS by Deborah Zoe Laufer. As a season producer of The Hippodrome, Dream Day Cakes® proudly supports bringing productions, such as Sirens, to the Gainesville, Florida community. For opening night, Yeni created 3 cakes depicting some of the main plot points of the production.

Hippodrome Cake, Gainesville Florida.

Sirens Cake for The Hippodrome

Of course, you need to see Sirens to truly understand the relevance of the cake… but we’ll give you the Cliff Notes version. =)

After discovering her husband’s Facebook activities, Rose Abrams decides it’s time to re-kindle the romance in their marriage with a cruise to the Greek Isles; celebrating their 25th anniversary. Sam Abrams hears the Siren’s song and jumps overboard, hoping to recapture the magic of his youth – and to finally write that “perfect” song which has been alluding him for over twenty-five years. Distracted by a battery powered game of solitaire, the Siren keeps Sam alive… for now. Will Sam escape the Siren’s spell and find his way back to Rose in New York City?

Cruise Ship Cake

The SS Dream Day Cakes

hippodrome theatre cake

Cruising to Greek Isles

Sirens Cake for Gainesville, Florida

The Siren's Island

Hippodrome Sirens Cake

The Siren's Island with Card Device. =)

I Love NY Cake

New York City

Sirens Cake

New York, Battery, and the Sea

Opening night for Sirens truly brought out Gainesville’s finest to The Hippodrome.

Hippodrome. Gainesville, Florida.

Opening Night

Dream Day Cakes Delivery Gainesville, Florida

Delivering to Gainesville, Florida

For the opening night event, we brought three custom, fondant specialty cakes, a variety of cupcakes (and mini-cupcakes), and delicious cake truffles.

cupcakes in Gainesville


cake truffles

Cake Truffles

The cupcakes, cakes, and mini-cupcakes features edible decorations tying the sea theme to the presentation. Sugar sea shells and starfish adorned the cakes and cupcakes.

Edible Sea Shells

Edible shells on cupcakes

Edible starfish

Edible Starfish

We loved helping The Hippodrome celebrate opening night of Sirens and enjoyed meeting so many of you at the theater!

For more information on how you can order your own custom decorated cake or cupcakes, please contact us. Although our cakes are best in the Gainesville or North Florida area, we can ship our amazing cake truffles throughout the United States. Call us for more information!

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