Tori Birthday Cake

Tori Birthday Cake

Tori Birthday Cake

In this life, there are certainties. Every year, you will celebrate a birthday. At Dream Day Cakes, we believe that all birthdays are best celebrated with a custom, unique birthday cake.

This year, Tori turned 13. Her family came to our bakery in Gainesville, Florida and ordered a great custom birthday cake to help celebrate.

Like most 13 year olds, Tori’s tastes were truly unique.

For this cake, Yeni (with Tori’s help) designed a two-tiered birthday cake. The bottom tier featured black zebra stripes while the top tier featured a solid blue, classic touch.

A large purple (and edible) fondant bow brought the two tiers to a commonplace, with the same color helping to spell out the birthday girl’s name in fondant.

Fondant Name

Fondant name

Mini pearls bordered the bottom of the cake and an edible “13” brooch provided the reason for the celebration.

edible brooch

edible brooch

We love helping to celebrate birthdays. With this fun, custom birthday cake, our bakery helped Tori celebrate her 13th. We’re already looking forward to 14.

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