Yeni Monroy: American Citizen

Yeni and Lindsay

Yeni and Lindsay

Congratulations to our Baker/Owner/Cake Artist Yeni Monroy! This morning, Yeni became an American Citizen (and immediately registered to vote). =)

This has been a very lengthy, time consuming, and costly process for us. We’re bakers– so we’re not going to get political. We’re just simply very happy that the process has completed and Yeni is both happy and honored to be an American.

After the ceremony, everyone celebrated at the bakery. Fred had an idea to make an American Flag cookie… after all, what’s more American than cookies???

We dyed our Bearkery® Signature Cookies red for the red stripes, dyed a chocolate chip cookie batch blue for the stars, and made a white chocolate chip batch for the white stripes.

Pastry Chef Lindsay had a great idea to bake the cookie and keep it in a good flag shape.

Chef Lindsay shapes the cookie

Chef Lindsay shapes the cookie

Setting up the cookie

Setting up the cookie

American Flag Cookie

American Flag Cookie

The final result… an American Flag cookie featuring a combination of chocolate chip and Bearkery Signature Cookie!

Congratulations to our newest American Citizen… Yeni Monroy!

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15 Responses to Yeni Monroy: American Citizen

  1. Patricia Grunder says:


  2. Jessi says:

    That is fantastic! Congratulations Yeni! Also that cookie is awesome!

  3. Karen Laauwe says:

    Love the cookie flag! Congratulations!

  4. Jean Moreno says:

    So Proud and love the Kate Spade

  5. Fitz says:

    I almost cried when I read this. Congrats Yeni, being American is the best thing I have ever been. Hope you love it all the way too. Fitz

  6. Trish Allen says:

    Congratulations Yeni! This country is blessed to have you as a loyal citizen and successful small business owner! We have a wedding together in a few weeks so I will be in Gainesville and can’t wait to see you and Fred!

  7. stevie says:

    so happy for you. america we got a good one!…i’m so happy i could eat a whole big fred cookie!:)

  8. Byron says:

    Congratulations and bring all the rest of the family!! The United Sates is in dire need of citizens who want to be here and are willing to work for their future. Real pleasure knowing you guys and love the products, amazing.

    Proud of you Yeni.

    P.S. It must have been tougher having Fred in the family tree……