At Bearkery® Bakery, we have a saying—every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®. When you think, it just makes sense. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, or anything it’s not a celebration unless there’s cake.

Yeni in the Bakery

Yeni in the Bakery

We love working with our clients to makes celebrations special. Sure, Yeni can create some incredible, jaw dropping cakes (there’s a reason why she’s nationally recognized for her artistry)— but you don’t need to break the bank to have a celebration.

Custom cakes are incredible treats, but a classic cake is still sweet. 😉

We pride ourselves on creating incredible classic cakes perfect for any celebration. In fact, our classic cakes taste so good you’ll be finding new reasons to celebrate.

Didn’t need spell check? Celebrate. Used you’re correctly instead of your? Celebrate.

Whatever the celebration, our bakery is here to create your cake. “Inconveniently located” in Gainesville, Florida, our from-scratch bakery specializes in making cakes come true. Just remember… every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes.

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At Dream Day Cakes® and Bearkery®, we love creating unique, beautiful wedding cakes. Although we create incredible fondant cakes, we also love creating amazing buttercream wedding cakes.

Buttercream Wedding Cake Dessert Bar

Buttercream Wedding Cake Dessert Bar

Although our fondant takes amazing (unlike the others you’ve tried), this post is about buttercream— incredible buttercream wedding cakes

Beautiful Buttercream Wedding Cake

Beautiful, Unique Buttercream Wedding Cakes

You see, our Gainesville, Florida bakery is a real bakery. We don’t bake out of our home— we’ve taken the risk and invested in a professional kitchen that’s both licensed and inspected. This isn’t a hobby; it’s our livelihood.

5 tiered buttercream wedding cake

5 tiered buttercream wedding cake and sugar flowers

When we started Bearkery® Bakery and Dream Day Cakes® in Gainesville, Florida, we knew that we wanted to not only make cakes that looked incredible, we wanted to make cakes that tasted even better than they looked. It’s actually easy to do this… if you’re willing to use the best ingredients and stick to the main principles of baking from scratch.

This means that we don’t use mixes, we don’t use frozen cakes, and we only use ingredients you can pronounce. We believe in real ingredients— that high fructose corn syrup is evil and that butter comes from a cow. You know, the way bakeries used to work. Old school.

We don’t compromise on quality. Neither should you.

single tiered buttercream wedding cake

single tiered buttercream wedding cake

Lately, we’ve combined our incredible cakes with amazing pastries, cupcakes, cake shots, and more to create some absolutely fantastic dessert buffets.

Bearkery Cake Shots

Bearkery Cake Shots

One of Yeni’s signature items is our Salted Caramel Tres Leches cake (which you can enjoy everyday at Blue Water Bay here in Gainesville). This incredible treat works perfectly for dessert bars, buffets, and sweets tables.

Salted Caramel Tres Leches

Salted Caramel Tres Leches

Tres Leches Mason Jars

Tres Leches Mason Jars

Wedding cakes are truly meant for Dream Day Cakes®. For your wedding, don’t compromise on quality and call our bakery for a free consultation. From fondant cakes to amazing buttercream wedding cakes, every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®.

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Dream Day Cakes® and Bearkery® calls Florida our home. We have incredible news stories, great people, incredible beaches, and of course… Manatees. These “cows of the sea” are a Florida treasure— and thanks to Yeni, also an incredible Manatee Cake.

Manatee Cake

Manatee Cake for a Groom’s Cake

You can click the photo for a larger size. =)

We created this cake about a year ago and are just now catching up on some of our photos. Check back soon as we update the site with more photos of Yeni’s amazing cake creations, like this incredible, sculpted Manatee cake.

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Peace, love, cake. With this Hippie Love Bug Cake, our Gainesville bakery created a fun replica of a Volkswagen Beatle… in a cake.

Beatle Cake

Love Bug Cake

From the tie die paint job to the flowers, cake artist Yeni Monroy truly capture the 60’s in this fun replica birthday cake.

As a licensed bakery in Gainesville (one of the very few licensed bakeries in Gainesville),  we specialize in creating custom cakes and pastries for fun events, like this birthday celebration cake.

VW Bug Cake

VW Bug Cake

Everything you see in the cake is edible. From the VW Love Bug to the edible figurine, everything you see is either sugar or cake.

We love working with our clients to create a cake that not only looks incredible, but also tastes amazing. We look forward to clients seeing their visions come to life as interpreted by Yeni Monroy.

VW Beatle Cake

VW Beatle Cake

For your next celebration, look no further than our bakery, after all every celebration deserves Dream Day Cakes®.

Dream Day Cakes® is a licensed, independent bakery in Gainesville, Florida specializing in custom cakes (like this VW Love Bug Cake). The bakery also produces Bearkery® products.

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From wedding cupcakes to dessert bars, our licensed bakery in Gainesville, Florida loves helping celebrate weddings with unique, great tasting treats.

Wedding Cupcakes in Gainesville, Florida

Wedding Cupcakes, Gainesville

About five years ago, we were asked to create cupcakes for a wedding here in Gainesville. The bride just loved the idea of every guest having their own, individual dessert and wanted something fun, beautiful, and affordable.

The cupcake trend shows no signs of slowing down, and we love helping couples celebrate their wedding day with delicious treats that their guest will certainly enjoy.

Thinking about cupcakes for your wedding? Here’s some reasons why you should choose Dream Day Cakes® as your wedding day bakery: Continue reading

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